Frontend Developer z Angular (projekty z obszaru: ML/Big Data)

2020-09-23 ID OFERTY: 168622
  • Cyclad Sp. z o.o. (zobacz więcej)

    Polska, Warszawa, mazowieckie

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In Cyclad we work with a top international IT services provider in order to boost their potential in delivering outstanding, cutting edge technologies that shape the world of the future.

We are currently looking for specialists for company delivering advanced software research and development services to international clients. We are hiring frontend engineers who are highly motivated to disrupt data science with automation.

Frontend Developer z Angular (projekty z obszaru: ML/Big Data)

Project information:

  • Location: Warsaw (Kabaty metro station)

  • Type of project: solutions dedicated to foreign clients (mainly), related to the area of Big Data/ML (frontend is based on Angular, backend on Java Scala and Python)

  • Location: Warsaw (Kabaty metro station) currently 100% remote work

  • Remuneration: 16 000-22 000 net+ VAT/h (Mid/Senior)

Project scope:

  • Understanding user stories and specifications

  • Designing efficient, stable, and maintainable architecture

  • Closely collaborating with UX/UI designers and product owners

  • Working with other teams around the globe

Competence demands:

  • 2+ years of experience in frontend development

  • Good working knowledge of Angular ecosystem

  • Strong foundation of functional and reactive programming.

  • Working knowledge of git, Jenkins, Github, JIRA, etc.

  • Strong focus on the code

  • Good knowledge of English (both spoken and written)-min. B2

Nice to have

  • Experience with developing interfaces for data rich applications/analytic software

  • Experience with frontend testing tools like Protractor, Jasmine and Karma.

  • Experience with building enterprise and analytics software, building diagrams with plotly.js, mxgraph, or D3.js.

We offer:

  • Long-lasting cooperation with the client

  • Direct impact on the product

  • Powerful hardware, 2-3 monitors

  • Friendly atmosphere, no stress, no dress-code

  • Flexible working hours: we understand if you have to leave at 3pm or prefer to work in the evenings

  • Very comfortable office 2 minutes from the Kabaty subway station - NASK

  • Knowledge within reach: we have a pretty decent company library, you can also use one of our ebook readers