Ruby on Rails Developer

2020-09-23 ID OFERTY: 168709
  • Cyclad Sp. z o.o. (zobacz więcej)

    Polska, Katowice, śląskie

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  • nodeJS
  • vueJS
  • thrift
  • GraphQL
  • Development process:

    • CI process via Gitlab
    • CI-Serverside rendering frontend app (PWA)
    • Unit testing
    • Content integration with headless CMS (GraphCMS)
    • Hosting via AWS
    • Ticketing and documentation tools: JIRA, Confluence
    • Monitoring via Grafana, Kibana, Sentry

    Project setup and team:

    • The team is working in scrum framework, sprint duration two weeks
    • Client provides product owner
    • The actual development team consists of three backend developer, three frontend developers, two full-stack developers, one operation developer, and one project manager (proxy PO, scrum master, project controlling, etc.)
    • Scrum meetings: daily standup, refinement and estimation, sprint review and planning, retrospective
    • Development workflow consists of initial development (sometimes via pairing), code review, internal test on local environments, internal test on staging environments, and acceptance test via PO
    • Remote collaboration with international team-setup
    • Travel expectations: 2 per quarter Poland- Germany
    • Long-term client commitment

    We offer:

    • Opportunity to design and develop complex integration solutions
    • Stable employment - permanent job contract
    • Flexible working hours to help you keep the work-life balance and find time for your hobbies
    • Partnership approach & communication respecting individual needs and employee development plan ideas
    • Possibility to gain professional experience and learn from global industry experts
    • Stable project & diversified working environment
    • Periodical events and contests for employees (business runs, paintball, etc.)
    • Private medical healthcare & Multisport card
    • Attractive employee referral program and bonuses
    Location:Katowice Katowice