Solutions Architect for SAP

2020-09-28 ID OFERTY: 169655
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Oferta KO/09/20

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SpeedApp is an innovative and rapidly developing organization uniting experts in the IT and labor
markets. We specialize in three areas: IT specialist outsourcing, IT recruitment, and IT projects
implementation. We go above and beyond in our search for better solutions. We are bold and fast. We are a reliable partner for our candidates and clients.

For one of our international clients we are looking for Solutions Architect for SAP

Solutions Architect for SAP
Numer referencyjny: KO/09/20

An ideal candidate will have the following:

  • Administration of SAP Solutions (preferably S/4 HANA) installed on HANA database

  • Working with business process/activity owners in understanding business requirements and solution design

  • Technical pre-sales activities (presentations, workshops, etc.), C-level presentation skills. Excellent written and oral communication skills are a key asset in this position

  • Administration of IT solutions in modern clouds - Azure, AWS, GCP and (ideally) migrating SAP on-premise installations to the cloud

  • Experience with design, defining quality attributes and technical drivers, development of application- and solution-scale systems

  • Understanding the roles of other stakeholders (like the sales team, delivery team, etc.) who do not report to this role but take very active participation in design, decision making, selling, implementation and other activities

Nice to have:

  • Administration of SAP BW and integration of SAP BW with external IT solutions

  • SAP ERP Logistics modules (Procurement, Production, Sales) configuration and managing appropriate data structures

  • Data Science/Big Data/AI tools


You want to work on:

  • New practice development for the company

  • Participation in proposal preparation with all parties, stakeholders, and workflows

  • Technical specifications and architecture vision document creation

  • Discovering customer needs and addressing them with appropriate technical and business concepts

  • participation in discovery phases and workshops covering all business process and technical aspects of the deal

  • building prototypes and proof-of-concepts creation with delivery and presentation to the stakeholders

  • Building solution architecture for complex IT Business Solutions for leading US and international business organizations

  • Acquiring and supervision of the service projects towards SAP Cloud Migration, SAP Cloud Integration and extending SAP solutions with AI/ML/IoT functionality.

  • Participation in the implementation phase transferring the knowledge to the implementation and development teams

Together we will:

  • Create new value for our international customers by enforcing the benefits of IT Business Solutions with the top notch technology

  • Transform traditional SAP Solutions to HANA based SAP architecture support

Miejsce:Wrocław/ zdalnie